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When you drive up to a broadcast or communications site and see a steel tower rising hundreds of feet in the air, it is obvious that the Broadcast and Communications industry has many characteristics that are unique to only that industry.

This is particularly true in regards to how lightning protection is integrated into the typical broadcast or communications site. ALP Systems, Inc. stands apart from the other lightning protection companies by having decades of relevant experience providing professional lightning protection installations to the broadcast and communications industry.

Our experienced technicians are familiar with all aspects of the typical communications site, from the construction of communication and broadcast towers and satellite dishes to the equipment shelters and the multi-million dollars in equipment that they contain. While most communication sites have some lightning protection equipment or bonding & grounding installed at the time of construction, a high percentage of them are improperly installed, leaving your site and equipment vulnerable to lightning damages.

ALP Systems, Inc. can design and install bonding and grounding systems specifically designed for towers, monopolies, dishes, shelters, & generators, that meet & exceed the guidelines of IEEE, Motorola R56, Ericson & ANSI/EIA/TIA standards.

We can also design and install a comprehensive lightning protection package for your broadcast or communications site to that includes surge suppression equipment for AC Power, Data and low voltage, RF transmission lines, generator transfer switches, and tower obstruction lighting systems from the damaging effects of lightning. Call us today to put our experience to work protecting your investments.

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