Lightning Protection Design

The first step in any well planned project is a good design. At ALP Systems Inc., we believe that the process for creating the best design requires two vital components. The first is knowledge; having system designers that are well trained and knowledgeable in the applicable codes and standards as well as current construction techniques can prevent problems and delays in the field. The second and maybe most important component is time. Taking time to properly research the project and understand all of the applicable variables. Also taking the time to design and engineer a site specific and cost efficient lightning protection system insures that the end result is a professional and code compliant system. Our capabilities consist of providing complete system designs drawings, installation details, catalog product cut sheets and material specifications. The ALP Systems design team is involved in every aspect of the project from the “take-off” stage, through the final completion, even providing :as-built” drawings if necessary, to insure that the correct specifics have been met.

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