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History of Damages

To begin the process of engineering a solution for the prevention of lightning and transient damage, it is necessary to collect information on any events previously sustained by the facility.

ALP Systems Inc. takes the time to listen to the involved personnel in order to obtain an understanding of the facility’s history. We may also work with the facility manager or engineer to review the financial history of repairs to construct a timeline of the damages sustained from the suspected lightning or power quality issues. We then use this information to create a solution that meets, and, or exceeds the customer’s requirements.

Evaluation of Site Plans

Our engineers can review the facility’s structural plans, building elevations, roof plans, grounding system design, one-line electrical & data riser diagrams in order to determine if the existing systems, if any, need to be updated or replaced. If enough data is available, upgrades or new system requirements can be proposed based on available data without incurring the expense of an on-site visit.

On-Site Evaluation for Lightning Protection Systems

In the event that an on-site evaluation is required, ALP Systems provides highly trained, and experienced personnel to visit the site. ALP’s professional’s will walk each structure to note the structure’s construction materials, dimensions, roof top units and other specifics to the building or facility. We also inspect, and record the placement, integrity and size of any air terminals, down conductors, conductor clamps, and ground electrode connections. We also review, and note all services entering into, and leaving the structure as well as inspecting all bonding connections of these services to the lightning protection system. Our site survey summary will list any non-compliance with the specifications of Lightning protection system Std. UL96A and Std. NFPA780.

Grounding System Testing

ALP Systems has the trained personnel, the expertise and necessary equipment to perform grounding systems testing. We can execute Fall of Potential Tests and Two Point Tests as per IEEE Std. 81 to evaluate the impedance of existing grounding system. We perform visual inspections of external grounding systems and internal bonding systems and list any non-compliance with the specifications of IEEE Std. 142 and IEEE Std. 1100. Our trained personnel can also perform Four Point Soil Resistance tests and use IEEE Std. 80 to design new service ground systems. If required, our engineers can create grounding system design for any particular application, soil condition or specification.

Transient Protection

A vital part of any lightning protection system is to provide surge protection on all critical A/C & D/C power circuits and data lines that have the potential to carry transients into critical equipment. As part of our on-site evaluations we can provide an inspection of power and data line distribution systems that include:

  • Noting critical loads on the power distribution system and data control system and walk upstream to note location and specification of each distribution node.
  • Note specifications and location of any surge protection device installed and if so, confirm that the existing Surge Protection Devices are operational and devices are operational and comply with UL 1449 standards.
  • List compliance of surge protection devices as per IEEE std. C62.72 and IEEE std. 1100 categorize each distribution mode as per IEEE Std. C62.41 and select appropriate category of surge protection devices.
  • Execute device coordination and let thru voltage coordination in compliance to IEEE Std. C62.72
  • Provide risk assessment analysis in compliance to IEC 62305-2 if required by the facility owner.

System Design and Installation Drawings

ALP Systems Incorporated can use existing CAD drawings to highlight upgrades, design new systems or we can create new CAD models using detailed notes acquired during a site evaluation (if as built CAD drawings are not available).

Our design engineers can create lightning protection system designs, grounding system designs and installation details including product cut sheet submittals. We can also create surge protection system designs incorporated into riser diagrams or power distribution diagrams.

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