Government / Military Services

ALP Systems Incorporated has years of experience behind the drawing board and working in the field on Government and Military projects. Following are a few of the areas we provide lightning protection systems for:



We provide design & installation services for public schools & universities that meet the standards of UL, NFPA and LPI certified Structural Lightning Protection Systems. The safety and welfare of the students and staff is of the utmost importance when we design a lightning protection system. In today’s advanced electronic society, the cutting edge of technology is being introduced to the classroom and updated on a daily basis. Classrooms that used to warehouse nothing but desks and chairs are now filled with computers and electronics. ALP Systems can provide site surveys and evaluations to ensure that this equipment is properly protected.


Local & State Government

Our experience ranges from providing surge protection for entire infrastructures as per IEEE recommendations, lightning protection system installations to UL 96A Standards, and grounding & bonding systems designed to meet Motorola R56 Standards. Public service facilities and communications sites such as law enforcement agencies and 911 call centers need to stay online 24/7. With that said, preventive maintenance from transient surges and the damaging effects of lightning is a must. ALP Systems will engineer and design lightning protection and power quality systems to ensure that these facilities stay online through the severest conditions.


Federal Government

ALP Systems Inc is proud to have supplied our services and expertise to many branches of the Federal Government including: National Park Service, Homeland Security, Department of Defense, Department of Veterans Affairs, Federal Bureau of Prisons, Forestry Service, NASA, NOAA, National Weather Service, Department of Energy, Department of Transportation and the Department of Interior.



ALP Systems Inc. is a proud supporter of our military men & women and take special effort in working with our military to provide the highest quality installations available. Some of our staff and project managers are retired military and are well accustomed to the scheduling and security measures needed for working on military projects. We protect all aspects of military facilities from the basic barracks and offices to such specialized structures as ammunition depots, automated firing ranges, shipyards, outdoor pavilions, and the like.

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