Lightning Awareness

Document Name Date
Lightning Safety Advocates Kick-off 2012 CampaignDownloadNov 2012
Lightning Safety Awareness Week Kick Off! DownloadJun 2011
Viva Las Vegas! DownloadJan 2011
Lightning Safety Awareness Week Marks 10th Anniversary & Increased PartnershipDownloadJul 2010
Industry Meets in Nashville for the 78th Annual ConferenceDownloadApr 2010
Nashville's Calling - Don't Miss the 78th Annual ULPA/LPI Conference! DownloadJan 2010
New Partnership Promotes Lightning Safety & Lightning ProtectionDownloadAug 2009
Lightning Safety Awareness Week; New Church Brochures; UL STPDownloadJun 2009
Annual Conference highlights; new DVD & L.P. ChapterDownloadApr 2009
UL Workshop Discount; Fire Prevention Week; New Orleans ConferenceDownloadJan 2009
Fire Prevention Week; The Most Powerful MotivatorDownloadSep 2008
Marketing Strategies; UL New Q&A Section; NFPA Lightning Strikes ReportDownloadJun 2008
Engineering Seminar Highlights; LPI-175 Spanish version; LPI joins IEEEDownloadMar 2008
Upcoming Annual Conference; Leon PSA's reach 6,000,000; ABC's Good Morning America coverageDownloadDec 2007
CSST& Lightning; PSA; Reinstatement of U.L. Master LabelDownloadAug 2007
Conference highlights; new Code of Ethics; General Assembly Meeting reviewDownloadMay 2007
Gearing Up for 2007 LPI/ULPA ConferenceDownloadDec 2006
NOAA Partnership; NFPA World Safety Conf. update; A&E database; Lightning Safety Awareness WeekDownloadJul 2006
LPI participates in insurance convention; our fight to combat negative PR; new LPI literatureDownloadOct 2005
Meeting a lightning strike survivor; LPI Strategic Plan; PR highlightsDownloadMay 2006
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