Multiple media outlets reported that Steven Bryan and Frankie Roberts, both residents of Harnett County, NC, were killed by two different lightning strikes on Thursday, April 9, 2015.
Bryan, a father of two–ages 4 and 6–was reportedly waiting for a friend in a mall parking lot in Cary. He was struck there at 9 pm and later passed away at the hospital. Roberts was reportedly taking her dogs on a walk near her home in Harnett County; both of her dogs died.

That evening, violent storms and lightning strikes occurred throughout central North Carolina. Authorities had earlier issued thunderstorm warnings for multiple counties, including Harnett, Johnston, and Wake.

A number of homes and apartment buildings were also struck by lightning, which kept many firemen busy fighting the flames throughout the night. A Raleigh fire battalion chief verified that a lightning strike had started a fire at a west Raleigh apartment complex. At the Courtney Apartments in northeast Raleigh, around midnight, another fire injured one person and damaged at least four apartment units.

While the chances of a random person dying from a lightning strike are low, the odds of being struck are much higher if one does not take certain precautions. Death by lightning strike is rare, yet when it does occur, it is catastrophic. To minimize your chances of being struck during a storm, take shelter in your home, a nearby building, or your car if you are already in it. You can also help safeguard your home or business by installing lightning protection systems. To find out more about lightning protection systems, give ALP Systems a call today.