Power Surges Protecting

Your Home and Devices from Power Surges

A common misconception about power surges is that they occur simultaneously with visible sparks, smoke, or flames destroying an electronic device. This may sometimes be the case, but normally, when surges occur, there are no visible signs and they are difficult to detect without the use of electrical voltage monitors. Most surges go unnoticed day after day, and they occur at your home or business more commonly than you may expect.

Over time, such electrical surges degrade the electronic components and connections within the device, which can lead to a complete device failure. Nearly 95% of equipment damage is due to the gradual deterioration of the device components. Because most power problems are generated internally, it is more cost-effective to protect existing valuable equipment and devices at home or at the office and thereby avoid a disaster, rather than have to recover from one.

Although most surges are caused by grid switching or by the equipment within your building, lightning strikes can still inflict quite a bit of damage. Lightning strikes, which are frequent in the Southeast, could damage electronic equipment from one mile away– either through inductive coupling within your building or ground potential differences. This can cause severe damage to the equipment if no protection has installed against the surges.

If you have a business where your customer data and accounting records are important, or you have flat screen TVs and other valuable electronic devices, you should take steps now to protect these assets. A local area network (LAN) or the electronic devices at your home could be rendered defective–costing you a lot of time and money–due to an avoidable power surge that lasts momentarily.

There are a number of ways to guard against such unwanted electrical power surges. Some options include:
Surge-protection devices
Structural lightning protection
Grounding system

At ALP Systems, we understand very well that businesses make large capital investments in networking equipment, and they expect uninterrupted, reliable services from their networks. A properly installed, comprehensive power protection strategy provides a quick return on investment and years of savings. We will provide you with an inspection of both your power and data line distribution systems. We create surge protection system designs that are incorporated into riser diagrams or power distribution diagrams to safeguard all critical A/C & D/C power circuits and data lines. To get started on protecting your assets and invaluable data, give ALP Systems a call today.