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ALP Systems, Inc. has decades of experience providing structural lightning protection, grounding systems, lightning prevention systems, and surge protection for the petrochemical, oil, and gas industries. Our engineering capabilities are based on, but not limited to—NFPA, UL, LPI, API, NEC, Motorola 56, and IEEE standards. Contact us today to learn more about oil, gas, and petrochemical lightning protection.


Lightning damage to a refinery can bring production to a halt. A refinery can incur losses worth hundreds of thousands of dollars an hour due to the loss of production, not to mention damages to expensive equipment or even loss of life from an explosion or fire. ALP Systems, Inc. has the experience and expertise to engineer and install systems that integrate lightning protection, grounding, and power quality products into existing infrastructures.


Offshore Platforms & Production Rigs

A large steel structure in the middle of open water that extends hundreds of feet into the air creates a very high-risk target for lightning. Our grounding and bonding system designs, coupled with state-of-the-art surge protection devices and static dissipation lightning prevention systems, can help to eliminate the damage incurred from lightning strikes to these structures.



Oil and gas pipelines—including pumping stations, compressor stations, monitoring, communications towers, and associated sites along the pipeline—require protection to keep the flow of product moving. Our experience working with all of the facets of this area of the industry—from protecting communication towers to working with the cathodic protection engineers on the pipelines themselves—sets us apart from any other lightning protection company.


Terminals & Tank Farms

A fire in a storage tank ignited by a lightning strike can be catastrophic. The loss of product, loss of the storage tank itself, and even the loss of life are scenarios that no facility ever wants to be faced with. A lightning protection system must be properly designed and engineered by a company with specific experience in dealing with all of the aspects that are unique to this industry, as well as the lightning protection industry. ALP Systems, Inc. has experience:

  • Providing Protection and Grounding Systems for Floating Roof Tanks
  • Providing Solutions for Bound Static Charges in the Petroleum Products Themselves
  • Protecting Vents with Flammable Gasses
  • And All Other Challenges Unique to the Petrochemical Industry

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