5 Reasons Your Building Needs Lightning Protection [infographic]

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We’re serious about lightning protection at ALP Systems, Inc., and we design and engineer highly effective systems that can protect any building from the adverse effects of repeated lightning strikes. Below are just a few reasons why a lightning protection system is a worthwhile investment for your building.

5 Reasons Your Building Needs Lightning Protection

  1. Fire prevention—Lightning strikes can result in fires when flammable materials ignite or when electrical systems get damaged. A lightning protection system can safely dissipate the electrical energy from a strike, reducing the risk of fire.
  2. Equipment and electronics protection—Lightning-induced power surges can damage equipment, appliances, and electrical systems housed within your building. With a properly installed lightning protection system, you can reduce the risk of electrical surges, preventing costly downtime and safeguarding valuable equipment.
  3. Occupant safety—Lightning strikes can pose a serious risk to the employees or occupants in your building. When you direct the electrical energy of lightning away from your building’s structure, you can protect the people inside from electrical shocks and injuries.
  4. Structural protection—Lightning strikes can cause significant damage to buildings, including damage to walls, foundations, and roofs. A lightning protection system provides a path of least resistance for lightning to follow, directing it away from the structure of your building.
  5. Code compliance—Depending on your industry, you may be required to meet certain standards for lightning protection. Compliance with these codes can ensure the safety of your building while preventing legal and insurance issues.
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