We are located on the top of a mountain, so lightning protection is vital. ALP Systems, Inc. installed lightning protection on our home, barn, tractor barn, and three trees next to the home as construction began and added to it as construction progressed. They were very courteous and responsive on each occasion. Eighteen years later when we had a massive, direct strike on the house, although electronic equipment was damaged, we had no damage to the building or to us, thanks to ALP Systems, Inc.! I was sitting at the exact point where the report of the National Lightning Detection Network showed that the strike hit the house. The strike was twice the strength needed to blow a hole in the roof and start a fire.

- Hal R.

Very professional and knowledgeable! Took the time to answer all my questions (there were many), and now, I can sleep better knowing I am protected from a lightning strike tearing up my house or blowing out my electronics.

- Sandy P.

I was impressed with ALP Systems, Inc. salesperson Hayden. In fact, he’s one of the best sales people I have interacted with in a long time. He was communicative and responsive. Installation was very prompt and professional. The installers answered all of my questions. Now, we’ll hope that ALP Systems, Inc.’s recommendations and services do, in fact, provide the lightning protection we need!

- Jim B.

I was very impressed by ALP Systems, Inc. The staff is knowledgeable, seems to really care about making a difference, and knows how to treat a customer. I felt valued, was listened to, and my needs were more than met for a fair price. Thank you for a job well done!!!

- Karina D.

ALP Systems, Inc. was highly recommended to me by several people, and I really appreciated their professionalism, the quality of the work, and remarkable reputation.

- Barbara J.

ALP Systems, Inc. is an extremely professional and reliable business. I had the lightening protection system installed on my home and have had such a peace of mind since. They did a wonderful job, and I would highly recommend them to anyone! Thank you, ALP Systems, Inc.!!

- Priscillia C.

A tornado was the last thing we expected to happen on the evening of November 30, 2016. The building is 365,000 square feet with two separate wings joined by an atrium/lobby area. The tornado took off the roof of the north wing and, subsequently, damaged the lightning protection system beyond repair. ALP Systems, Inc. arrived when scheduled, conducted a thorough inspection/assessment, provided an excellent price, and did an exceptional job. Everyone on the team was professional and available each and every time I reached out to them. I have been a facilities manager for over 30 years and would highly recommend them to anyone in need of their services. Please give them an opportunity to bid on your job; you won’t be disappointed.

- Kathi A.

I first worked with Eric Bean when I worked for a general contractor and his company designed and installed a lightning protection system for a multi-story building. It was such a pleasure doing business with him and his company that I hired them to design and install a lightning protection system for our new house and PV solar panels in 2010. Eric and ALP Systems, Inc. have been there for me ever since to provide surge protection and other solutions. Doing business with ALP Systems, Inc. makes me think, “Wow, how nice would it be if more businesses felt this good to work with?”

- EF

We were quoted a price. The installers did the job shortly after we accepted their quote. The job was done in a timely and efficient manner. The installers were very professional and courteous.

- Ronald B.

These guys are off-the-charts good. Since this is going to be long, I’m going to give you the punch line first. HomeAdvisor has helped me find several good contractors in the past. The experience I just had with lighting rods has taught me that you can’t always take customer reviews at face value. A 5-star review from a person who lacks the knowledge to accurately evaluate the work probably means nothing more than the contractor showed up on time and was likable. MAYBE THE POSITIVE REVIEWS WERE BOUGHT WITH GIFTS (or the promise of gifts), which I’m pretty confident was the case with my first selection for this job. You can see with your own eyes that a drywall repair looks good, but – if you’re like most of us – you’ll have no idea whether or not a lightning protection system has been installed properly. As you know, HomeAdvisor provides three Pros to choose from. ALP Systems, Inc. asked for the plans (my house is under construction) and responded with a detailed quote that I thought was a little on the high side. I got a phone call from the second pro; (the third never contacted me), who happened to be in the area and was able to see my house in person within a couple of days. I thought that was lucky. Boy, was I wrong about that. The guy who came out to the site was nice enough, and he was available to do the work that weekend. I thought that was important because there was a limited amount of time to install a concealed system. He also charged a little less money. He did the work, as promised, but it was sloppy beyond belief. The wires weren’t visible from the outside, but they were hanging into the house (below the rafters). When I asked about it, he said the guys would have no trouble working around it. They’ll cover it up with drywall and crown molding, he said. When I told my contractor on Monday, he said that was BS. That’s when I called ALP Systems, Inc. Luckily for me, Eric (the owner who’s also an engineer) was able to be out there the next day. He was appalled by what he saw. The lightning rods I’d just paid to have installed actually made it MORE likely my house would burn down if it ever got struck by lightning. There were lots of bends – including loops – in the copper wiring that would have resulted in the lightning exiting inside my house. In at least one case, the rod wasn’t properly connected to the wire. Eric had his guys at my house two days later. He was with them at the start to make sure they understood what needed to happen. By 2:00 that afternoon, the defective system had been removed and a system that actually protects my house from lightning had been installed. Their work was absolutely gorgeous. It took two crews of guys about 6 hours to do the job properly while it took the first guy (he told me he had a couple of guys helping him, but all I have is his word on that) just a little longer to throw up some copper and call it good. I thought I was protected as long as l could see copper wires that connected the rods to the ground. The first pro told me the system he’d just installed on my house was as good as 85% of the houses in the state. For the sake of those homeowners, I hope he was wrong about that. I’m lucky his work was so sloppy. If he’d done nothing more than run the wire through holes he could have drilled in the rafters, I would have been happy. I would have FELT safer during a thunderstorm while actually being more at risk. I realize this whole tale makes me look pretty stupid. I wouldn’t argue with that. Just don’t make the same mistake I did. If you’re going to pay somebody to protect your home from lightning, pay professionals a fair amount to do the job right.

- Rick A.

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