“Our property is a sprawling lightning magnet with its extensive web of electrical ground antenna. Having a home punched in an open area, above a sandstone ridge, and on top of a hill is always a lightning lure. This is a perfect formula for attracting lightning and ground shocks. They say that lightning never strikes twice. We certainly know that that is a misleading statement! We have had numerous lightning strikes in and around our neighborhood after the custom system was installed. We have no experienced any of the prior strike damage or problems. Your project has worked its magic! It has prevented all of the major and minor electrical damage that seemed to reoccur every few years. Your system has lowered our apprehension levels, mitigated our risk factors, and the stress of lightning recovery issues! ”
– Mr. & Mrs. Rothenberg

“It is very easy to write something supportive of ALP. If only more contractors had the knowledge and attitude that ALP has. Working with Eric Bean and his crew is a breath of fresh air. They are totally professional and expert in their field. Eric is happy to clearly explain what the installation requires so you understand what is needed and how things work. If you have questions after the work is completed, ALP is there for you then too. We are lucky to have such a company in our region, and it would be worth having them come to your site even if you are not located in the immediate area.”
– Eric Friedwald

“Many thanks to Eric and his co-workers for a FANTASTIC installation of our whole house generator. It is such a blessing to not have to worry about the power going out since Steve is on oxygen 24/7. They did a beautiful job setting it up and giving it a nice finished look. Eric is extremely knowledgable and professional in his field, and we would highly recommend his company to everyone. Thank you, Eric, for a job well done!”
– The Powell

“Eric Bean and his staff did an excellent job at our newly built home. Eric has installed lightning protection devices at several homes in our neighborhood and they are all very pleased with his work. Right from my first phone call, ALP was very professional and easy to work with. We would like to commend ALP for their innovativene when we encountered a problem during the course of our project. We have a circular dome that needed a Vent Cap and to incorporate the lightning rod over it, ALP designed, fabricated and installed a copper Vent Cap with the lightning rod attachment that worked wonderfully. We would strongly recommend ALP to anyone for Lightning Protection. Take Care”
– Vijay Reddy

“The bottom line is ALP solved my lightning problem. He did so at a fair price and was very responsive. The job was completed within a couple of days of my first contact with him. If you call him and get no answer-leave a message because he really returns phone calls very timely. I would certainly recommend Eric and ALP to anyone”
– Rick Caton

“Good Morning, ALP has completed the three component installation of lightning protection: direct strike, surge protection and improved grounding. We are immensely pleased with the diligence, workmanship and attention to detail that Eric Bean has given to this installation which is custom for every home. We have 8 air terminals (sample picture attached) on the roof with the bulk of the cable within the attic. Four cables exit through the soffit at the corners of the home with 10 ft. grounding rods exiting at a slight angle away from the home. Materials used are above code, specifically the copper cables. Surge protectors were installed on the main electric service entry, sewer pump control panel and the telephone & cable. Additionally, the original house ground gave a meter reading of around 50 ohms (a bit too high) and with extra grounding it is an acceptable level. Eric also tied in a ground to our gas meter from a corner grounding rod. We were very comfortable with the estimate which seemed nicely discounted based on research and inquiries we had done over the past few year regarding lightning protection. Please bear in mind that these “jobs” are custom for each home depending on configuration of the roof, attic access, chimneys, etc. Therefore, each home will have a different estimate based on the home’s layout particularly if “direct strike” protection is part of the package. No lightning protection is ever 100% guaranteed because of the nature of lightning bolts/voltage. However, we feel we have had installed the best that is out there in home protection helping to minimize a catastrophic disaster. We thank Chip Wiggins for connecting us with ALP.”
– Mr. & Mrs. Boren

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