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Prevent fires from a lightning strike.

When lightning strikes the ground, it can generate extremely high temperatures, which can ignite flammable materials and start a fire. The heat generated by a lightning strike can also vaporize moisture in the ground, leading to a rapid expansion of steam, which can cause surrounding trees and vegetation to catch fire.

Fire Safety in Waynesville, North Carolina

If you are a property manager or business owner in Waynesville, North Carolina, protecting your worksite from catastrophic fires is likely one of your priorities. What many business owners and facility managers don’t realize is that managing lightning strikes is an essential aspect of fire safety.

If you want to elevate your building’s fire safety levels, turn to us at ALP Systems, Inc. We install and service grounding, bonding, surge protection, and structural lightning protection systems that are unparalleled in their effectiveness. When you turn to us, we can design and install a lightning protection system that meets your building’s exact needs and requirements.

With one of our lightning protection systems, you can control what occurs after lightning strikes. Although you never know when or where lightning will strike, what you can do is take charge of how your property deals with a sudden bolt of lightning.

Our lightning protection systems have reduced many fires and catastrophic damage for many buildings and properties. For more information about why lightning protection is a key element of fire safety, or to learn more about our systems, reach out to us today.

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